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Summary: Seg. 1: Brendan interviews Christopher Black about his upcoming lecture in Hamilton on the very dangerous economic warfare and threats that are directed at “North Korea,” or the DPRK.

He focuses on the illegality of blanket sanctions and threats to annihilate a nation, as well as Canada’s slouching role in following behind Trump.

Christopher, as well as Prof Atif Kubursi, speak in Hamilton on March 20.
Credits: LECTURE: Economic warfare and threats of annihilation vs. North Korea

Summary Seg. 2: This week on Unusual Sources, Brendan and Doug discuss NDP foreign policy issues with Hamilton Mountain NDP activist Henry Evans-Tenbrinke.

For many years, peace and justice activists have been advocating that the NDP take more independent and fair positions on international issues such as Israel/Palestine, Syria, Korea, Arms sale to Saudis, and Venezuela. How can Canada have an independent foreign policy while being a member of NATO? How did the NDP’s long-standing policy to withdraw from NATO quietly disappear?

Peace and justice activists will be pushing the NDP to adopt better independent policies during the NDP Policy Convention in February. A number of policy resolutions from the Hamilton Mo


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