The Taylor Report: Seg 1
Featured Speaker: Norman Otis Richmond

A black artist who quickly mastered the rock-and-roll form, Chuck Berry, was a savy fighter who did things his way in the face of a racist and thieving ‘Tin Pan Alley’ business model.

Seg 2: Featured Speaker: Fred Jerome, author/editor of three books centered on the political views of Albert Einstein.

For someone with a sober and socialist eye the latest peculiar American President, Donald Trump, may embody a sign of an empire in decline. All recent Presidents, Obama most notably, have provided rhetoric about peace and economic uplift, yet little has changed.

The bombings go on, racism abides, and those in the top job seem disconnected. Jerome reminds listeners that Einstein was alarmed by America’s embrace of militarism, which he said resembled the German phenomenon, and he advocated socialism as a solution.

Seg 3: Featured Speaker: Alex Boykowich, Ukrainian-Canadian, free-lance investigator.

There’s been much discussion about Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland’s long silence since being asked to comment on claims that her grandfather was the editor of a Nazi collaborationist newspaper published in German occupied Cracow. She has always been satisfied to call him a refugee and Ukrainian nationalist.

But, thanks to the efforts and political intuition of Alex Boykowich and friends, who visited the 25 boxes of Michael Chomiak’s papers, the world now knows the Minister’s grandfather was indeed a collaborator. Meanwhile Canada’s political class have turned into a petrified forest of embarrassed silence, and Canada is still committed to backing reactionaries in Kiev.


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