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The Taylor Report: Seg 1
Phil Taylor and Charles Onana were awarded the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Prize for Peace and Democracy at a ceremony in Brussels. Victoire has been imprisoned now for 8 years because she advocated a peaceful, democratic opposition to the regime of Paul Kagame. Western media have said little about this case because the Kagame regime has backing from the US and NATO states.

In this segment, Phil Taylor interviews journalist Ann Garrison, a previous recipient of the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Prize.

Vanessa Beeley identifies the extremist groups holing up in East Ghouta. They are known, variously, for putting civilians in cages as human shields against airstrikes, firing guided missiles full of bomblets into Damascus, and targeting schoolchildren just as they are leaving schools.

It’s a replica of what happened in East Aleppo. The same terrorist factions have occupied a city and held civilians as hostages.

If Ghouta were a suburb of Toronto, and civilians were being daily massacred and targeted from that suburb, would we tolerate this? Or demand that our government and military forces release the civilians and dislodge the terrorists?

Look at Aleppo: After it “fell” to the government, it has been reunited with the country. Everywhere in the city is a hive of activity, as citizens restore their businesses, and put their homes back together. The largest city in Syria is coming back to life, just as Western ‘reporters’ lost interest in the city.

Meanwhile, the crimes that ‘rebels’ committed against Syrians in Aleppo are ignored. Western NGOs describe Al Qaeda terrorists as feminist freedom fighters, but Syrians know better. And they won’t be listening to Western humanitarians ever again. Beeley also dismantles the myths behind the current ‘ceasefire.’ Al Qaeda and affiliates never agreed to the ceasefire.


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