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Google’s ‘Alt-Media Off Button’ For Forthcoming War

Google’s ‘alt-media off button’ for forthcoming war

All Pretence is Over in Persecution of Julian Assange by top Israel lobby Tory’s wife ‘judge’

All Pretence is Over in Persecution of Assange

Does the Illuminati control the world? Maybe it’s not such a mad idea
by Julian Baggini
Questioning the hidden power of elites – whether big pharma or secret societies – is really quite sane

Syria denies having chemical weapons after Macron threat

13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller
Talking heads act like Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is fair, impartial and unbiased. But the facts are a wee bit different …

13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

Israel is going to celebrate 70 in the coming May – Israel has used targeted assassination more than any other country in the Western world after the Second World War.

Ronen Bergman: Middle East on the brink of war
Amanpour – Israeli journalist on Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal issues, the face-off between Iran and Israel in Syria and Israel’s history of targeted assassination.

New book ‘Rise and Kill First’ details Israel’s secret history of assassinations
https://youtu.be/ge-mnC2wGss via @RonenBergman

Are secret services using suspects reported to FBI or MI5 as terror dupes or patsies?

FBI Says It Didn’t Pursue Warnings about Florida School Killer


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