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This weeks show:
We spend the hour discussing corruption, particularly political corruption, its history, causes, costs to society and possible remedies. [ dur: 58 mins. ]

Paul Heywood is Sir Francis Hill Professor of European Politics at the University of Nottingham in UK. He is the author of the Routledge Handbook of Political Corruption, and the co-editor of Debates of Corruption and Integrity: Perspectives from Europe and the US.
Susan Rose-Ackerman is Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University. Her publications include, Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences, and Reform, Corruption: A Study in Political Economy and Anti-Corruption Policy: Can International Actors Play a Constructive Role?
Bruce Buchan is Professor of Political Science at Griffith University in Australia. His publications include An Intellectual History of Political Corruption: From Antiquity to 1800 and The Empire of Political Thought: Indigenous Australians and the Language of Colonial Government.
This program is


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