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Interviewed by Jeff Blankfort

Part 1: Veteran United Nations correspondent and a working journalist for more than 30 years, with long stints at the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe. Joe Lauria presents a passionate, informed indictment of the US media and its subservient role in supporting the imperial policies of the US government which are currently directed at bringing down the government of Vladimir Putin in Russia and replacing him with a more malleable, corrupt US puppet as it had in Boris Yeltsin whose failings Lauria describes in detail.

The two arenas in which this is being manifested today are the phony accusations against Russia for “interfering” in the US elections to benefit Donald Trump, preceded by the US orchestrated coup against the democratically pro-Russian president of Ukraine, followed by manufacturing fabrications about Russian invasions, Russian threats to Eastern Europe while building up NATO on Russia’s borders.

Lauria presents testimony from German minister Frank-Walter Steinmeyer that NATO is engaged in “warmongering” and from Czech NATO general Pavel that Russia presents no threat but the US media is not interested in reporting it.

Lauria makes it clear that the intelligence establishment, the neocons and fellow warhawks in Washington like Senators Graham and McCain, were counting on a Clinton win to get their regime change in Syria as well as Russia, and any other country that won’t bow to Washington’s dictates, pointing out that the notion that the US has any interest in spreading democracy is a myth.

Lauria, although concerned as anyone with what will happen under a Trump administration, is still worried about efforts of Clinton backers to overturn the election which could happen on January 6 if a single senator and a single member of the House object to his certification, using as an excuse his alleged ties to Russia as he wrote Dec. 19, in “Russia-Hack Story: Another Media Failure” for Consortium News.

Part II:
Blankfort notes how uncritical media has reported as true, without any evidence, that Russia hacked Democratic emails to benefit Donald Trump whose admiration for Vladimir Putin has upended Washington and that he might have been getting away with it because WHAT THE US MEDIA HASN’T REPORTED IS THAT PUTIN AND NETANYAHU HAVE DEVELOPED A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with Netanyahu having made four state visits to Moscow in the past year; that Netanyahu did Moscow a favor by absenting itself from the UNGA vote on Ukraine sanctions and did it again when its delegate was missing from UNGA vote on investigating war crimes in Syria.

He also cites a Ha’aretz report that after a phone call from Netanyahu to Putin, Russia’s UN ambassador, Churkin attempted to postpone the vote condemning Israeli settlements which was confirmed by Russia’s deputy ambassador to Israel, Alexy Dobrinin on Israeli Army Radio.

The latter was part of article that claimed British lawyers and diplomats were behind the resolution that was designed to please Obama without him being involved without informing Israel, Blankfort then reports on effort by Netanyahu to prevent New Zealand from introducing the resolution Friday after Egypt bowed to pressure from him and Trump to not introduce it on Thursday; how Netanyahu threatened New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McNully, declaring it an act of war, who refused to back down.

Then Blankfort reports on how members of Israeli Occupied Congress were outraged by US abstention and Sen. Graham’s threat to cut off UN funding if the resolution isn’t reversed, a position supported by Cruz. He cites Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s statement in support of the resolution that has been ignored by the media while the face and voice of US turncoat and now Israel’s ambassador, Ron Dermer, is all over the media attacking Obama, an act that should have been thrown out of the US and would never have been tolerated in another country.


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