Interviewed by Jeff Blankfort

Part 1 Summary: In a wide ranging interview, based on his December 4th article in Consortium News, “How Russia-gate Rationalizes Censorship, Joe Lauria learned from two people who had appealed to FAIR and the ACLU that senior officials of both organizations dedicated to protecting press freedom, declined to support him because they personally believed in Russia-gate which goes against the organizations’ principles. They joined with the liberal media, such as HuffPost, to suppress and instill fear in anyone who challenges the widely accepted liberal narrative that the Russian interference in last December’s elections was responsible for Trump’s victory.

Unable or unwilling to accept that their candidate Hillary Clinton’s flaws, checkered history, and questionable campaign decisions were responsible for her loss, they are determined to pin the responsibility on Vladimir Putin whose only crime is for resurrecting Russia and not allowing it to be plundered by Wall Street and US corporate capital as it was under Washington’s puppet, Boris Yeltsin.

He points out that it was the Democrats who ended up paying for and trying to use the Christopher Steele hit piece on Trump’s alleged Russia connections which he sees as being the basis for the flawed January 6, 2016, “intelligence assessment” which was not backed by 17 intelligence agencies as Democratic politicians and the liberal media repeats but by representatives of three agencies who were hand picked by Intelligence Chief James Clapper to produce the desired outcome.

Lauria begins by describing his own experience when, as a long time contributor to Huffington Post before Ariana Huffington stepped down as editor and it became HuffPost under former NY Times writer, Lydia Polgreen, he uploaded an article to the site that contained a devastating critique of Russia-gate. When the article was removed from the site without him being informed, he appealed to FAIR and to the ACLU, neither offered him support since, apparently, they had also swallowed the Russia-gate narrative to the point that made them abandon their founding principles.

The same almost happened to Vanessa Beeley who had been covering the Syrian conflict and had made an expose of the White Helmets, the West’s “heroes” in Syria, connecting them to Al Qaeda, and who Reporters Without Borders tried to stop from appearing on a panel in Switzerland. The Swiss hosts refused to bow to this attempt at censorship but found it cost them financially.

There is much more in this interview which is informed not only by Lauria’s knowledge of the subject but the passion for justice he brings to the interview.
Credits: Interviewed by Jeff Blankfort

part 2:
Summary: I begin with comparing Putin’s announcement on Syrian troop withdrawal with Pentagon’s notice that the US has 2000 troops illegally in Syria instead of 500 as Obama had told the public.

Then, I quote from Gideon Levy’s biting analysis of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the game changer, praising it for tearing the mask off the notion that the US could ever be an honest broker, that it didn’t, in fact, support continued Israeli occupation, and putting an end to the two state delusion.

I then quote from a Palestinian poll taken in the West Bank and Gaza right after Trump’s announcement which reveals depth of opposition to Abbas but fear of speaking publicly against the Palestinian Authority, of popularity of Marwan Barghouti, of opposition to having any more to do with the US, support of going to the International Criminal Court, growing support for armed struggle, and that in an election, Hamas’s Hanieyh would defeat Abbas while Barghouti, now in prison, would defeat both.

I conclude by noting a NY Times report that the US missile defense program employed by Saudi Arabia, the same which South Korea against possible missile attack from North Korea, massively failed to stop an older Scud missile launched by the Houtis against the Saudi airport in Riyadh, countering an initial report that the missile had been successfully intercepted.

part 3:
Summary: Phil comments on the Globe and Mail/NATO article about Global Research, and the G & M’s continuing reliance on the opinions of Chrystia Freeland, who refuses to comment on her Nazi-collaborator grandpa.
Credits: facebook.com/thetaylorreport


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