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Part 1 Summary: In today’s interview with Grant Smith, we covered a great many topics dealing with the Israel Lobby, beginning with the routine refusal of the national media to cover the annual conferences at the National Press Club in Washington designed to expose The Lobby’s power over the US political processes at every level, our media as well as our public education system as it relates to Israel, insuring what American students read about the Israel-Palestinian conflict in their textbooks is pure Israeli propaganda.

Speeches from the latest conference on The Israel Lobby and American Policy, held March 2, sponsored by IRmep and the Washington Rept. on Middle East Affairs which include those by Gideon Levy, Lawrence Wilkerson, Rabab Abdulhadi, Virginia Tilley. Ali Abunimah and Barry Trachtenberg, can be viewed and heard by clicking on the link at www.irmep.org.

With 17,000 paid employees among the scores of lobbying groups and tens of thousands more volunteering their time and energy, I suggest that it is an occupying army. Grant points that the grassroots, acting through Jewish Community Relations Councils, across the country that monitors their politicians as well as their local media is key to its overall success.

He speaks of ongoing efforts in Congress to censor the free speech of Israel’s critics, beginning with the AIPAC-sponsored “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” being pushed in the Senate by Maryland’s Ben Cardin and the money that Cardin (who is Jewish) has been receiving from pro-Israel donors and “stealth PACs,” (the kind whose name disguises their true purpose), as well as promoting anti-BDS legislation.

Regarding the Lobby’s pushing for confrontation with Iran he refers to the suggestion by Patrick Clawson,, Research Director for The Washington Inst. For Near East Policy, the leading beltway think tank on the Middle East spawned by AIPAC in 1985, to launch a “false flag” incident, like the Gulf of Tonkin, etc., to justify going to war with Iran.

None of AIPAC’s activities or those of other Israel-focused organizations, he notes, would be possible had President Kennedy not been assassinated and had his 1962 ord

part 2:
Summary: My entire program was devoted to AIPAC and its success in controlling both Washington (the White House and Congress) and the media which hides the secret of that control from the public, noting that both critical sectors of society must be controlled if either is to succeed.

I begin by noting that once again, the annual conference at the National Press Club the goal of which is to expose the Israel Lobby is ignored by the national media, except for CSPAN 2 covering it as a media event as it did the AIPAC Annual Policy Conference that followed it for the next three days which I and Palestinian professor Hamid Dabashi view as a Nuremberg rally, the kind of which was staged in Nazi Germany.

That AIPAC restricts open press coverage of its events I let the NY Jewish Week point out, quoting from an editorial explaining why the newsweekly decided to send no one to cover the AIPAC convention, a story you won’t find elsewhere.

I describe AIPAC’s desire over its entire history to appeal equally to both parties has given way to a move to the right, but the Democrats, whores for pro-Israel money, attend the conference anyway and that the top officials of both parties had speaking roles in order to pledge allegiance to a foreign country. I single out Charles Schumer, the Senate’s top Democrat for my own censure.

I suggest that the biggest story coming out of the convention, other than it being a concerted effort to launch a US war on Iran for Israel’s benefit, was the successful appearance of UN delegate Nikki Haley who clearly has her eyes on the White House as soon as there’s a vacancy. In her 20 minutes of fellating the 18,000 attendees over her love for Israel, she received 12 standing ovations.

I report on Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump after which he hinted at the secret (to Americans) of the agreement between the Israeli and US intel agencies to jointly target Iran and his onstage performance at the convention itself, with a likely indictment if not jail time waiting for him back in Israel.

I conclude with citations from a 2015 article in which California and my district’s congressional rep, Jared Huffman, accused Netanyahu of trying to get the US into a war every time he visited Washington, how he was challenged by a Zionist activist and doubled down by noting how Netanyahu promised that taking out Saddam would stabilize the Middle East and had also pushed for a US war in Syria.


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