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Who is Sonic Cafe:The Sonic Cafe features an intelligent, eclectic mix of music, comedy and pop culture showcasing 30 to 60 years of content within each episode.

The show is set in an imaginary cafe overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Central Oregon Coast. The cafe serves music, comedy and pop culture rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner. All announcer voiceovers are presented over the background noise of a busy cafe with references made to the café environment to create a theatre of the mind experience for listeners.

The program actually does originate from KYAQ radio located on the Oregon coast in the Pacific Northwest, so the imagery is not a huge stretch.

Each program is 58:00 minutes in length leaving room for station ID, promos and PSAs. Each episode is .mp3 encoded at a constant rate of 256kbps and ready for broadcast.

All episodes are evergreen; never focusing on time of year, weather, month, holidays, events etc. so each show is timeless. All music is presented in a no repeat format. Once a song airs in an episode it never airs again. Episodes may be downloaded and grouped together to quickly create program blocks of two, three, four or more hours in length.

Original syndication date was 7/22/2016. At that time 31 shows had already been produced (over six months of content) with new episodes produced weekly. A new episode is released each week. You can confidently add The Sonic Cafe to your schedule knowing that a backlog of shows is already produced awaiting weekly release.

The Sonic Cafe has a Facebook page (facebook.com/SonicCafeRadio) where complete show notes and playlists are presented for each episode. The Sonic Café can also be streamed from MixCloud (mixcloud.com/SonicCafe1)

This weeks show:
Credits: Song 1: Santa Monica
Artist: Everclear
LP: Sparkle and Fade
Yr: 1995
Song 2: West End Girls
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
LP: Please
Yr: 1986
Song 3: Right Here Right Now
Artist: Jesus Jones
LP: Doubt
Yr: 1990
Song 4: The Crew Is Doing Well
Artist: Ohm-G
LP: Pop Art
Yr: 2003
Song 5: Blues From Brother George Jackson-Mondo Grosso Next Wave Mix
Artist: Archie Shepp
LP: Verve Remixed, Vol. 2
Yr: 2003
Song 6: The Classified Collection
Artist: Uncle Lar’ & Li’l Tommy
LP: Animal Stories Volume 3
Yr: 1983
Song 7: The Roof Is Leaking
Artist: Phil Collins
LP: Face Value
Yr: 1981
Song 8: Have A Cigar
Artist: Pink Floyd
LP: Wish You Were Here
Yr: 1975
Song 9: All in a Day
Artist: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
LP: Streetcore
Yr: 2003
Song 10: Late Night Conan O’Brien
Artist: Jimmy Carr
Song 11: Hellfire Blues
Artist: Dave Cousins
LP: The Boy In The Sailor Suit
Yr: 2007
Song 12: Friday I’m in Love
Artist: The Cure
LP: Wish
Yr: 1992
Song 13: I’m Afraid Of Americans
Artist: David Bowie
LP: Best Of Bowie [Disc 2]
Yr: 1997


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