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The Michael Slate Show Confronting the Reality of America: Flag Burner Joey Johnson; Immigrant Families Under Fire with Journalist Margaret Regan

What is Mondays with Wallace:

Show Host: Wallace Peoples is a board certified Pharmacist and he discusses cannabis from a conservative perspective live from Hollywood each Monday. We will explore everything from legalization, financial prospective and impact of cannabis on your quality of life. Wallace has a 30 year career in Healthcare, addiction and rehabilitation science . Wallace does not advocate for the use of cannabis.. POWER OF VOICES allows Wallace and his listeners to tell human stories of conflict, struggle and the joy of smoking pot. Mondays with Wallace will be highlighting todays ever changing world of Cannabis,. . Wallace is from Toledo, Ohio we are broadcasting from sunny southern Californai . He has an interest in Classic cars plays all sports and is a happy Monday morning quarterback… This is important for you.. not because you use cannabis not because you don’t use Cannabis this is important so you know your world. Or at least the world you think you live in….We will be your voice


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