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Confronting the Reality of America: Flag Burner Joey Johnson; Immigrant Families Under Fire with Journalist Margaret Regan


Stand up for Humanity and the Planet “Building the Wall” Author Robert Schenkkan; Josh Willis, Climate Change in the Arctic, March for Science w/ Brant Olson
Summary: Building the Wall, Interview with Playwright Robert Schenkkan, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright, and an Academy Award nominated screenwriter. Josh Willis on the Dramatic Melting of the Arctic: the rate and mechanism of the melting, and its contribution to destructive sea level rises. Scientists and others in defense of science are marching in the March for Science, April 22 against the attacks on science and truth We’ll speak with Brant Olson, ClimateTruth.org.
Credits: Michael Slate – Host and Producer
Henry Carson – Assistant Producer
Jeff Pryor – Production Assistant
Kiyana Williams – Engineer


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