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Between The Sheets Catch up on our week with Dana & Courtney
interviews author/activist Dr Robert Jensen (Seg 1) interviews author/activist Linda McQuaig (Seg 2)

Sylvia Richardson speaks with Activist and author Derrick Jensen . He makes visible the unspoken hierarchical structures of power and violence. Why in a capitalist, patriarchal system violence against women, people of colour and against nature is the norm not the exception

Derrick advises both men and women as to what their role is in this culture of violence.

Segment 2:
​​​​​On Oct 9th British Columbia lost one of it’s most iconic voices with the passing of Rafe Mair who was a Canadian lawyer, political commentator, radio personality and politician who for the last decade has been working closely with Damien Gillis on environmental issues with the Common sense Canadian.

Host Stuart Richardson speaks to Damien Gillis about Rafe’s passion for life, his never quit attitude and some of Rafe’s battles and inspirations. We also talk about the Kinder Morgan
proposed pipeline expansion, Site C Dam and fish farms.


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