Host: Jaime Rojas, Jr.
“Jaime is America’s political and business stylist…he tells you what’s hot & what’s not in in the world of American politics and business!”

Date: Week of Jan. 9, 2017

Segment 1
• Former Veteran lone shooter kills at Fort Lauderdale Airport…what happened?
• How is America handling PTSD with American veterans?
• Healthcare in America…what is going to happen to Obamacare?
(Jaime & Stephen)

Segment 2
• Stephen’s NBC Opinion piece: “Republicans Can Pass Immigration Reform, Here’s How!” (Jaime & Stephen)

Segment 3
• Did Latino voters have an impact in the November Presidential Election?
• We interview Dr. Matt Barreto, co-founder of Latino Decisions, on November’s election results.
(Jaime & Matt Barreto)

Jaime is the President of Rojas Communications Group, Inc., a public affairs advocacy firm. He has more than 20 years of government and lobbying experience including as a government relations executive for Fortune 500 companies. He began his political and government experience as an intern in The White House under the Clinton Administration. He worked for The White House’s Office of Public Liaison and Latino outreach for President Clinton, as well as for The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. Jaime was then hired on the Clinton re-election campaign team as a consultant for Latino statewide outreach in California.

Jaime has developed strong local, state and national relationships with various elected officials, senior level municipal administrators and business leaders because of his successful client work through the years. Jaime understands the symbiotic relationships between government, business, and local communities. He uses this critical knowledge and combined understanding of government to assist his clients to successfully maneuver through the labyrinth of government.

He is the former President and CEO of the nearly 700,000 member-strong California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) headquartered in Sacramento The CHCC is a state-wide business advocacy group committed to promoting a favorable business climate for emerging businesses, advancing economic development, and provide fair & equitable access to the market place. The CHCC support’s legislative advocacy focused on pro-business issues for California’s business community. Jaime has also served on the Board of Directors for the CHCC and the Los Angeles Metro Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Jaime has served as a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Sol Price School of Public Policy’s graduate school program and has taught classes on government relations and lobbying.
He published his first book in 2011 titled, “The Conservative’s Pocket Constitution”, which is available on Amazon.com. Jaime’s second book, “The Fiscal Conservative’s Pocket Constitution 2.0 aka Latino Republicans” comes out November 2016 and is available at: www.RojasCommunications.com

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