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Maureen Fiedler, host of Interfaith Voices


2015, refugees from the Middle East and Africa were streaming into Europe, looking for safety and some semblance of hope. Many of them were Muslim, and many were greeted by Islamophobia. This interview was originally broadcast as the refugee crisis first took hold. First, we hear from a Syrian refugee about his new home at a refugee camp in the Netherlands. Then, we analyze the situation with a journalist and a scholar of Islam.

Manar, 26-year-old Muslim refugee from Damascus, Syria
Ishaan Tharoor, foreign affairs writer for the Washington Post
Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic Studies at American University and author of Journey Into Europe

he news out of Syria is grim. But this week, we’re going to recall the Syria that came before all that. Historically, it’s been a deeply spiritual country, full of Sufi Muslims and Orthodox Christians, whose songs and prayers represent some of the most beautiful examples of religious music in the world. Jason Hamacher recorded some of these sounds, just months before the civil war erupted. From October 2014.

Jason Hamacher, producer of Nawa – Ancient Sufi Invocations and Forgotten Songs from Aleppo

We’re award-winners! Mazel tov to our senior producer, Laura Kwerel, for winning third place for Excellence in Radio Religion Reporting from the Religion Newswriters Association for this story.


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