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Maureen Fiedler, host of Interfaith Voices

This week, we hear how Muslims and Jews are combatting an uptick in religion-based hate crimes — by standing up for one another. We start with the story of Dr. Gary Branfman, one of a handful of Jews in Victoria, Texas. When the town’s only mosque was torched by vandals, he drove over to the house of the mosque’s president, fellow surgeon Dr. Shahid Hashmi, and handed him the keys to his synagogue.

Dr. Gary Branfman, surgeon at the Victoria Plastic Surgery Center in Victoria, Texas.
Two women, one Muslim, one Jewish, tell us why the “conflict narrative” between these two groups doesn’t tell the whole story. We also hear from Salaam Bhatti, who offered help at a Jewish cemetery near Philadelphia as soon as he heard it had been desecrated. He tells us the Quran inspired him to act.

Sahar Khamis and Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, members of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom
Salaam Bhatti, attorney and deputy spokesperson for the Ahmadiya Muslim Community, USA
Filmmaker Mo Asumang is a biracial woman in Germany, a country that is home to few people of color. She says if you really want to get inside the head of someone who hates you because of your race or religion, you have to go out there and meet them, face-to-face. She makes documentaries in which she goes up to the people who say they hate her…like the KKK…and asks them why.

Mo Asumang, writer and director of The Aryans

Our segment comes from the Voices on Antisemitism podcast at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

We’re award-winners! Mazel tov to our senior producer, Laura Kwerel, for winning third place for Excellence in Radio Religion Reporting from the Religion Newswriters Association for this story.


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