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This week`s Global Research News Hour

On this week’s Global Research News Hour, we recap some of the major incidents affecting Syria over the month of April 2017.
We hear from Ray Mcgovern, a former US Army Infantry.Intelligence officer and representative of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity about the case contradicting the claim of a chemical weapons attack by the Syrian military against residents of a village in the Idlib Governate. McGovern also explains how the NeoCons in Washington have manipulated Trump into his policy reversal on Syria.
We then hear interviews with Patrick Henningsen, a journalist in Syria, about the chemical agent deaths, the recent massacre of over 100 refugees evacuated from two villages near Aleppo, and the distorted coverage by the West of events in the beleaguered country. Finally, we hear unaired audio from an April 1st interview with Mahdi Nazemroaya relating to Turkish President Erdogan’s ambitions in the region, and in particular its inconsistent stance toward the Kurdish population in Syria, Iraq and within its own borders.
Credits: Interviews with Ray McGovern and Mahdi Nazemroaya by Michael Welch
Interview with Patrick Henningsen by Chris Cook for Gorilla Radio on CFUV 101.9FM


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