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The morning was cold, the truth – colder, I walked briskly along the old apricot groove on the outskirts of town listening to a podcast, the host of which was losing his head over Donald Trump’s support by fake news peddlers, I was perplexed. Why, I thought, would anyone raise their blood pressure by being upset about over Propaganda and Lies in the Media, didn’t the Church Committee reveal the CIA’s willing subversion of a Democratic Press by planting stories and coopting writers? Didn’t the 1994 telecommunications act assure a corporate dominated media apparatus tied to corporate industrial interests, which where predominantly opposite those sought by a Commonwealth Social Democratic society? And don’t the big three News Outlets – MSNBC, CNN and FOX NEWS (the leader) regularly peddle false outrage over non-sense or more precisely present problems without solutions constantly? I knew the answer to those questions. In this Episode I don’t pose those questions but like those three News Outlets, I do present many problems without solutions. Propaganda and Education, 2pac’s Assassination (briefly), Book Publishing and The Simpsons and several other interesting tidbits. Enjoy!


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