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We’re joined from Gaza tonight by Wafa al-Udaini who’d been witnessing the peaceful protests by Palestinians attempting to reclaim land stolen from them by the Israeli Zionists. She is worried that some who’ve inhaled the Israeli tear gas, which has been fired from drones, are suffering disturbing after-effects two or three hours after they’re exposed which include passing out and uncontrollable convulsions. Wafa’s concerned that illegal chemical weapons might be being used by the Israeli military.
Rita Cangalousi helps run Bristol’s Palestine Museum and Cultural centre on Broad Street and she explains how many political prisoners there are in Israel, many of whom have been interred for decades without trial
Veteran broadcaster Richie Allen joins us whose regular show goes where the mainstream media dares not tread. That’s not because there aren’t journalists and producers out there who can do the job well but owners and editors they employ often have little or not interest in ‘getting to the bottom’ of knotty issues but are quite happy to provide the public eith ‘dumbed down’ news and programmes. Richie talks about his experience of corruption in Waterford and in Irish radio station ownership, then takes a look at some of today’s stories such as Salisbury, Syria and the dreadful failures to properly investigate, or prosecute alleged offenders, with regard to sexual abuse of children and minors in Britain.


Caroline Stephens campaigned to leave the European Union in 2016 and stood as a UKIP parliamentary candidate but now she’s part of a new political party ‘Unity in Action’, which includes Winston McKenzie. UiA hopes to stop any drift by Theresa May and the Conservative party away from the Brexit Britain voted for.

UNITY in ACTION ~ Daily Brexit

LIVE NOW: UNITY in ACTIONThere's a new kid on the Brexit block.Winston McKenzie chats up his new party UNITY in ACTION.Plus, carrying on from Friday, Vince Cawthron pops back to discuss what now will be an ongoing discussion around there here parts, the logistics to ensure true Brexit.Daily Brexit's a call-in, huh, so please do.- Please use Discord for best conversation: guv.li/rant.- You can Skype but it's a mere one call at a time with that old crock o' crap.And we'll see you in the comments too.~* How Do I Watch The Show?Good question, pleased you asked!The live show is always the top post at Daily Brexit​'s FB page …… facebook.com/dailybrexitBUT! Such is Facebook, the post is created only when the feed starts streaming, at 5.55pm. The show itself starts at 6.There's also a unique Facebook page for each show, the best place to watch the show with realtime comments. This actual show's page, again available from 5.55pm, has a handy #shortlink (HINT: sharing is caring, ducks) …… guv.li/unityinactionThe show is archived thereafter, there is no escape …… facebook.com/dailybrexit/videosSo. Blimey! A bit convoluted but, here's my tip, open the #shortlink anytime after 5.55, giz a call, and get stuck into them there comments.And we'll have a chin-wag.* How else can I support the show?#If you've got a spare bob or two, please donate to paypal.me/brexit, or monthly amounts (from a quid, really, every little helps) to patreon.com/dailybrexit .Otherwise, please, just get the word out and let's expand the conversation: like and share the page or write a review there, share the shows, dig into the comments, offer guest suggestions contd P 94.More than anything, damn, I hope you just enjoy the thing, that it's useful, and that we can learn from each other.~Thanks for reading, here's to us, and bugger plutocracy!Olly.Olly ConnellyProducer, Daily Brexit

Posted by Daily Brexit on Monday, December 18, 2017


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