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The Michael Slate Show Confronting the Reality of America: Flag Burner Joey Johnson; Immigrant Families Under Fire with Journalist Margaret Regan
Hard Brexit - NHS on its knees - HSBC warn of coming crash

This week:First hour: news review: Tony returns from his six week holiday to catch up with local and national politics with Labour councillor for Lawrence Hill Margaret Hickman Margaret Hickman is unwell. Tony’s impressions from his travels: Singapore, Hong Kong/ China and New Zealand; technology – cashless society; Christchurch earthquake; Cook Islands; Wellington government brothels – Bill Crow – Experiments on public and army at Porton Down – 45 deaths; British military scientists exposed more than 3,100 human “guinea pigs” to potent nerve gases in top-secret chemical warfare tests spanning four decades, according to new figures obtained by the Guardian. The figures show for the first time the substantial scale of the nerve gas experiments which were carried out on human subjects by the poison gas establishment at Porton Down, Wiltshire. Porton’s total is three times the number of the US, which has also admitted conducting human trials with nerve gases – Bears return to Gloucestershire; Bristol students protest for 60 hrs for better pensions for teachers; congestion created so private companies can charge motorists to enter Bristol; Jack Lopresti MP – Airbus leaving Bristol because of Brexit? PMQs – Will GKN Filton survive hostile takeover bid? More housing at Filton; Bristol business chief John Hirst wants homeless banned from town centre as bombs could be hidden in their stuff; Metrobus – run by First Bus who caused the Croydon tram crash – FirstGroup investors revolt over appointment of former Carillion finance chief – PMQs handouts to bankers – universal credit cut; PMQs Britain First banned from Facebook – Sophie Sweatman’s show warned by Facebook after criticising London media coverage of Skripal story; PMQs RBS, HBOS, Lloyds asset stripped viable businesses – but there will be no inquiry.

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