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BCFM Hard Brexit - NHS on its knees - HSBC warn of coming crash
Hard Brexit - NHS on its knees - HSBC warn of coming crash

This week: First hour: news review: with former mayor of Bristol George Ferguson: What George has been up to, jetting around the world to speaking engagements; present Labour Mayor Marvin Rees not replying to invites to this show – his State of the City address last week – his promised slavery memorial, slavery generally, George’s ‘Museum of Slavery and Civil Liberties’ idea, history of nineteenth century Bristol Whig MP Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”; Brexit – pros and cons of referendums; Catalonia declares independence as Spain prepares to impose direct rule – EU won’t let them stay in, Franco and the mass graves in Spain – Paul Preston’s book ‘The Spanish Holocaust’; The Eurozone has likely entered its final calendar year, contraction on The Saker; ex Chief Exec. Of Bristol Council and her £70,000 pay off – disruption, library cuts, cuts of Bristol Council, Marvin Rees is supposed to be in charge but is it back to ‘rule by committee’ under his director of communications Kevin Slocombe? Some of Marvin’s State of the City address – about young people and education; Marvin endorses corporate sponsorship of education, eg. EDF energy; Marvin Rees stumbling over his words and misreading the autocue; Bristol’s Merchant Venturer run Academies breaking the law and failing Ofsted standards; Bristol City Council will put forward ANOTHER £25million worth of cuts almost doubling that of previous announcements – The figure is on top of the £33million already cut this year – austerity doesn’t work, devolution – Metro Mayor; Marvin Rees’ devastating Bristol library cuts – charities run them?; PMQs Corbyn – low pay – Brexit and run on the Pound, Tories good with economy? Big business runs things

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