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Josefa Salinas

Like you, Josefa Salinas dreamed of one day making the world a better place as a child. Since
her formative years, that singular desire has guided many of her life choices, from creating a
stellar career in media and entertainment, to founding a nonprofit organization and launching
her own radio networks. As an on-air personality, Josefa’s sensuous, commanding voice has
delighted listeners throughout California for 30 years, including 14 years on L.A.’s popular old school
station, HOT 92.3, where she also held the off-air position of “Community Affairs
Director” and led the station to win two of the highly-coveted “NAB Crystal Awards.” However,
it’s Josefa’s heart for community service that has led her to become a role model for women, a
powerful symbol for Latinos and a mentor and advocate for hundreds of children in foster care
and in under-served communities through her “Pursuit of Excellence Institute.”

Josefa’s tireless, unending efforts to serve others has led to multiple commendations, including
the National Diversity Council naming her as one of “California’s Most Influential Women,” and
Hispanic Lifestyle Magazine listing her as a “Latina of Influence” for 2016. Josefa has also been
honored with the Fathers and Families Coalition of America’s “National Leader of the Year
Award,” the National Latina Business’ “Woman of the Year in Broadcasting” Award, the “Spirit of
Peace Award” and the President’s “Volunteer Service Award,” among many others.

For the past three years, Josefa has served as a Los Angeles Commissioner, appointed by
Mayor Eric Garcetti. The appointment came with the challenge of revamping the image and
operational models of Los Angeles Public Libraries. Josefa undertook the mission with
enthusiasm, providing new equipment and resources, creating innovative programs, and
working to make the libraries more welcoming and accessible for all of the city’s residents. In
spite of Josefa’s many past accomplishments, she has continued to seek out new opportunities
for growth and development, graduating from the “HOPE Latina Institute” as well as the “Latina
Global Executive Leadership Program” sponsored by USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Josefa has also continued to break the mold in broadcasting, becoming one of the few on-air
personalities to enjoy successful runs in Adult Contemporary, Urban, Urban AC, Hip Hop, Jazz,
News, Talk and Crossover formats. Now, the woman once known as the “Angelita de la Noche”
(“Angel of the Night”) on L.A.’s POWER 106 has become the founder and CEO of her own
stations, using cutting-edge technology to bring “The Power of Voice” to the local and global
community. Still a lover of good music, Josefa has also gathered some of the greatest living
legends in radio to put “HOT923 The Beat” back into the lives of the millions who missed the
Old School station when it left L.A. in 2015. She is also currently developing the niche station,
“Your Military Voice,” which will cater to active-duty servicemen and women and their families,
as well as retired veterans.

Combined with more than three decades of experience in broadcasting and community
advocacy, Josefa’s warm, conversational delivery and her penchant for engaging personal
anecdotes has led her to become a highly sought-after consultant and motivational speaker,
frequently covering topics such as “Leadership Development,” “Personal Empowerment” and
“Becoming a World-Changer Through Radical Thinking.” As Josefa looks ahead at future
possibilities, she continues to dream of ways to make the world a better place as she provides
assistance to those in need, gives a voice to the unheard and fosters new opportunities in all
areas of a well-lived life.